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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Pretend-play Games.

The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlocked, Unlimited LootBoxes) v1.4.6

The Maze Runner(APK v1.0

"I reckon I'll plough up to the Glen and sit a bit with old Martin Strong. He's not far from his end and he's lonesome. He hasn't many friends--been too busy all his life to make any. He's made heaps of money, though."...
The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.2.2

The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Coins) v3.0.1

In Construction Simulator 3 MOD APK, You can learn to start and play this game by watching the trailer. Following that, when I watch the game from the outside, I urge to go inside and play. The place and more scenes that come in that game will all take our minds to another world. In our real life, we ​​can never go and see a place like this in person. We can not go anywhere because we do not have enough money even though it seems to us that he should be admired. That’s why we play this game with so much excitement when we play over it. The ability of our users to create and give us this app is unimaginable. Driving plays an essential role in this sport. Google play store This game was last released in 2019 by Astragon Entertainment GmbH.....
The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Money) v4.26

The Maze Runner(MOD (Premium, No ADS) v1.4

Updated:<p>This year's Game Awards might have been a little light on huge announcements, but one that's got a lot of people talking is the surprise revival of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us 2. It's being developed by AdHoc Studio, a team composed of some ex-Telltale employees.&nbsp;</p><p>Following the completion of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, it was unclear whether some other on-ice Telltale projects, such as its Stranger Things adaptation, would make a return. And I suppose we now have an answer.</p>....
The Maze Runner(MOD (God Mode, High Damage) v4.51

The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.950

Who glazed with crystal gate the glowing roses....
The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.13.9

The Maze Runner(APK v1.20

Men of evil reputation, when they perform a good deed, fail to get credit for it....
The Maze Runner(MOD (No Ads) v2.3.5

The Maze Runner(MOD (VIP Unlocked) v1.45

<p>Great news for anyone who loved the smash hit mobile game Real Steel - on the 10th September the chart topping title will be free to download across iOS devices. And if that wasn't enough, this September the game will receive its biggest ever update.</p><p>With over 8 million downloads across all platforms already under its belt, the updated app is set to be bigger, better, and far more bad ass than its predecessor.</p><p>You’ll get to choose an avatar from a 45 strong selection of robots, including the classic movie champs Atom “Peoples Champion”, and Zeus “King of Robots”, and battle to the death in this futuristic, underground fighting contest.</p><p>But if you thought the game couldn’t get any better, then think again. In the updated version you can now battle your opponents in an intense 3v3 tag team match, customise your own fighter in the Build Your Own Robot (BYOR) feature, choose from multiple battle environments to fight in, and unlock 8 brand new robots on completion of each game mode.</p>....
The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.5.2

The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.1.6

With your chosen characters, you get the type of characters that holds their specific tools and power, and a selection of them for your battlefield requires enough money. As you know, this is a roleplaying game, so you need to inspect the avatars before choosing them carefully.....
The Maze Runner(MOD (Free Ads) v2.7.2

The Maze Runner(MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.2

Like fools that in th' imagination set...