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<p>Pixel 8 challenges you to replicate a pixel painting against the clock without making any mistakes.</p><p>You're given a blank canvas and a selection of colours at the beginning of a level, and have to match a painting displayed down to the finest detail to complete it.</p><p>There are 350 levels to complete already but you can also play levels designed by your friends via Facebook or Twitter, with the best pictures being released as part of a fans pack in a future update.</p><p>Once you complete a picture, you can view it at any time in the exhibit halls and use the pixels (a virtual currency) you've earned to buy new galleries.</p><p>Children or those who prefer a slower pace will prefer the toddler mode which removes the time attack aspect and simply allows you to paint at your leisure.</p><p>If creating pixel works of art sounds like your cup of tea, head on over to the App Store [download] at midnight tonight to check it out.</p>.

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