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As promised, Nintendo has revealed a bunch of new information about Fire Emblem: Three Houses.The game's title comes from the fact that the game's world of Fodlan is ruled by three different families who exist in "relative" harmony. You, playing as a male or female character depending on your choice, start life as a mercenary, until you start seeing visions of an anime lady and suddenly become the hero the world needs.You also get to be a university teacher, and choose which of the three families to side with as you train them up to become knights of the future.The gameplay looks to follow the familiar Fire Emblem formula, with turn-based battles on huge battlefields, and permadeath always on - so don't go getting your students killed at any point.You can also train up your students at the university to make them stronger, and they'll also interact while studying to improve their relationships and unlock their true potential.All that is set to come on July 26th, with both a regular version and a special edition complete with a bunch of goodies..

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