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Glu Games has unleashed the fourth instalment in its mobile RPG series Eternity Warriors upon both Google Play and the App Store.The creatively titled Eternity Warriors 4 brings with it three playable characters in the form of a mighty warrior, a sneaky assassin, and a powerful mage, with support for co-operative and competitive multiplayer.You'll also be able to join guilds, collect plenty of loot, and partake in weekly events ala Diablo.All that role-playing goodness weighs in at a sizeable 268MB on iOS and 244MB on Android, and it's available to download for free.Much like previous entries it does come loaded with in-app purchases, although that didn't stop Eternity Warriors 3 from notching a solid score from us upon its release back in May.Besides, nobody's actually going to pay £79.99 / $99.99 for a King's Gem Pack... are they?.

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