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<p>Stigol and Chillingo's swish picture-hunting puzzler Find The Line comes out tonight for iOS.</p><p>It involves constructing line art pictures out of fragments that you scroll through.</p><p>In each of its 200 puzzles, you select a line of your choice, then use a slider on the bottom of the screen to scroll that line through all of its possible positions.</p><p>Once you think you've found where that line goes, you move onto the next until, eventually, you piece together the picture.</p><p>The pictures are all grouped under certain themes, such as animals, architecture, and toys.</p><p>There are also stars and keys to find hidden inside the picture that you should come across while scrolling. These unlock more content for you to play through.</p><p>Find The Line is a free to play game, and so it offers IAPs in exchange for hints. You'll be able to download it on the UK and US App Stores at midnight.</p>.

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