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<p>Super Gridland is the latest game by the masterminds behind the brilliant A Dark Room.</p><p>As a mix between an RPG and a match-three puzzler, Super Gridland is a survival game camouflaged as something lighter. During the day you match the tiles together to gather resources for your survival, but at night something much more sinister comes into play.</p><p>Monsters replace the wheat, rocks, and wood and it's up to your skill to match the correct tiles together to kill them. Get it wrong, however, and it's game over. It isn't all bad, however, as the more you survive, the better you build, and the more resources you can collect.</p><p>Grab Super Gridland on the App Store now for £1.49/$1.99 and see how long you can survive what lurks in the night. </p>.

GAME NAME Cleaning Day

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