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Update on February 9th at 08:23: Ok Golf is now out on the App Store for €/$/£2.99. Enjoy the dioramas and relax!<p>You guys know me by now, and there's a few things I'm weak in the knees for. Lucky me, one of them is a good golf game, and OK Golf looks rather stunning.</p><p>Easy to learn, hard to put down - OK Golf is a golf game that's not really a golf game. The idea is to be able to play through bite-sized courses whenever you've got a moment to spare. Just pick up and play, and win, hopefully.</p><p>Without worrying about wind direction, clubs, or even a score, this game lets you tee off and enjoy the experience at your leisure. Its easy drag-and-release controls are also fitting for this style of zen play, keeping everything utterly minimal. Some may not see the point in a non-competitive sports game, but it certainly does look intriguing.</p><p>OK Golf will be hitting iOS on the 9th February as a premium title, available for both iPhone and iPad.</p>.

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