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The Travelers and the Plane-TreeA WOLF coming out of a field of oats met a Horse and thus addressed him: "I would advise you to go into that field. It is full of fine oats, which I have left untouched for you, as you are a friend whom I would love to hear enjoying good eating." The Horse replied, "If oats had been the food of wolves, you would never have indulged your ears at the cost of your belly."

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4、�"Well, I hadn't any reason to think he was, but it just appeared to me he MUST be. Now, Anne, dearie, the Lord knows I'm not a match-maker, and I scorn all such doings. But if I were you and writing to that Ford man I'd just mention, casual-like, what has happened. That is what _I_'d do."

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2、Oft did she heave her napkin to her eyne,Enabling detail methods and shelf life availability, checking to expire date of every product, care for hygiene, the proper approach should be there with you checking everything and talking with patients, try to sort out their problems and provide the needed care.

3、�"That must be either Miss Cornelia Bryant or Mrs. Moore coming to call," she said.


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