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 �Kabam's Marvel Contest of Champions received a major update today, featuring content inspired by Avengers: Age of Ultron next week.In the new update, you'll get the chance to fight Ultron and defend the ISO-Sphere.There's a series of new quests, masteries, alliance events, and alliance arenas to check out.In addition to all the gameplay features, the update also includes an exclusive clip from the movie itself, which you can only watch through the app.Our review of Marvel Contest of Champions gave it a Silver Award, calling it "hugely fun and accessible."

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  �Score Hero 2(Large currency)

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  �Garena Free Fire, the incredibly popular battle royale title, now has a resident DJ. DJ Alok, the Brazilian superstar behind songs like "Hear Me Now" and "Never Let Me Go", is set to arrive in Free Fire as a playable character, and you'll be able to hear some of his music through Fortnite-like in-game performances.Alok's avatar, outfit, and accessories will all be available for purchase through the in-game store. The playable version of the DJ has an AOE ability which can heal all nearby teammates and give them a temporary speed boost.


  Today Pokémon Company unveiled a new, fully-fledged Pokémon title for Android and iOS via a special broadcast on Japanese online video platform Nico Nico Douga.Pokémon GO makes use of GPS technology, meaning Pokémon will roam free in the real world - from parks, to shopping areas, and the countryside. It'll be up to you to catch 'em all.Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of The Pokémon Company revealed that over the past two years he has been working with Niantic, the dev team behind augmented reality mobile game Ingress. One of the founders of Game Freak, Junichi Masuda, has been working on the setting, game design, and music of Pokémon GO, much like he has with all the big titles in the series. Former CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata is also said to have contributed to the project.A CG trailer for the game opened with a dedication to Iwata-san, before showing people of all ages finding, capturing, and battling Pokémon around the world using their smartphones.While Ingress encouraged players to face off against each other using landmarks, Pokémon GO will also focus on the aspect of finding, catching, and trading Pokémon rather than just battling them.Masuda-san, largely responsible for many of the more complex inner workings of the Pokémon formula hinted at there being more depth to the game than meets the eye, as well as the hope that Pokémon GO will be able to connect with future Pokémon titles.Ishihara then revealed a device on his wrist - Pokémon GO Plus. This gizmo interacts with Pokémon GO via Bluetooth, and features a flashing LED and vibration function to inform you when Pokémon are in your area.Shigeru Miyamoto soon joined the party on stage to show off his clip-on Pokémon GO Plus and express his enthusiasm for the project, despite being Japan's Gary Oak namesake.With Game Freak, Nintendo, Niantic Labs, and The Pokémon Company working on this project together, it's clear that this will be the big mobile Pokémon game we've all been waiting for.Pokémon GO is planned to be released in 2016 for Android and iOS. No price details have been revealed as of yet.In case you are playing Pokemon GO, we made a page where you can share your friend codes with the rest of the community!&#;

  We are catering to some of them specifically designed protocols that offer the gamers to perform various female-centric activities like combing hairstyle, outfit fashion, cooking, kitty party, meeting friends. BBQ parties and more.Combat Shooter 2: Modern FPS Shooting Warfare 2020 Mod Combat Shooter 2: FPS Shooting Game 2020 Mod APK 1.8 Features:Are you ready to play a new FPS shooting game in 2020?Are you ready to play a new fps shooting game in 2020? If yes then welcome to the new Modern FPS Shooting Warfare 2020 game in which you will defend the shooting attack of terrorists. This army ops is a 3D fps offline shooting game where your base camp is under attack by terrorists. Save the base camp by getting into the army commando fight and shoot your enemies. Do not let your enemies shoot back on you. Take sniper aim for bombers who will attack you with bombs.Take the gun in hand and become the commando of war with real sniper shooting skills. This terrorist shooting game contains different missions, multiple levels, and various shooting combat environments. In this modern FPS ops game, your mission is to shoot enemies, jeeps, and helicopters for surviving in a battle zone. Each shootout mission is different from others so accept the shooting missions and prove your sniper shooting skills. You have various weapons to kill the terrorists.You have various weapons to eliminate the terrorists like sniper, AK-47, bomb, hand grenades, short gun, mines. The covert strike mission is a very interesting and challenging game. Take action and survive on the frontline. When you will destroy all the enemies, you will unlock the next mission. Complete all the FPS shooting missions and save the base from terrorists to become the hero of the battle.Features:- It's Free and can be play offline- Thrilling and exciting missions- Realistic 3D environment- Become deadly sniper hunter- Multiple advanced weapons- Challenging 3D FPS Gameplay- Unlimited bullets to kill enemy in a counter-attack

  Alain BodrexEllen is the manager of the famous jazz club The Hallow. She knows everything about New Orleans bourgeois and nightlife, including drugs, prostitution, political secrets, and others. He lives a great life, remains connected with big names, and participates in all important parties. Along with an addictive craving for fame and infamy, Allen seeks a piece of the criminal pie and is eager to seize any other and all occasions.With wit well blazoned, smiled, or made some moan.

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