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<p>Harvest Moon publisher Natsume has announced A-Train: City Simulator for 3DS. It will be out this April.</p><p>It has you playing as the head of transportation tasked with keeping cities, towns, and suburbs connected. You'll be able to build bus routes, subway services, and even an airport.</p><p>However, doing all this involves balancing budgets and listening to the needs of people to ensure public transport is efficient and appreciated.</p><p>So you'll want to avoid pile-ups and bottlenecks. It only leads to frustrated citizens. I'm sure you won't do a worse job than the current British government, so don't worry too much.</p><p>Anyway, it's not all building and fretting, as there are story lines weaved into each scenario to keep you entertained. People will pop up to talk to you and explain the situation that you'll then have to resolve.</p><p>Plus, as time passes while playing the game, you'll see technology evolve from steam-powered trains to electric ones. Pretty neat.</p><p>Oh, and there's a map editor just in case you want to give yourself different challenges to take on.</p><p>If you're a 3DS owner and are in to city builders then this seems like a decent fix.</p>.

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