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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android maps-and-navigation Games.

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'"My parts had pow'r to charm a sacred nun,...
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A YOUNG FAWN once said to his Mother, "You are larger than a dog, and swifter, and more used to running, and you have your horns as a defense; why, then, O Mother! do the hounds frighten you so?" She smiled, and said: "I know full well, my son, that all you say is true. I have the advantages you mention, but when I hear even the bark of a single dog I feel ready to faint, and fly away as fast as I can."...
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"Oh, I do--I do," exclaimed Leslie, with an eagerness which seemed to burst forth and beat down some restraint that had been imposed on it.....
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"Old houses don't vanish easily on this enchanted coast," smiled Anne. "This is a `land where all things always seem the same'-- nearly always, at least. John Selwyn's house hasn't even been much changed, and outside the rose-bushes your grandfather planted for his bride are blooming this very minute."...